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Day Tour to Middle Atlas and the Cave of Berbers Morocco Trip


    Day Tour to Middle Atlas Mountaine and the Cave  of  Berbers

Morocco Trip  :

  • Enjoy many activities across the Moroccan mountain of Middle
  • Discover various landscapes of middle Atlas.
  • Explore Berber villages .
  • Travel to Ifrane.

Itinerary FOR; Day Tour to Middle Atlas and the Cave of Berbers Morocco Trip :

Middle Atlas Mountains- Sefrou- Ifrane- Cedar forests- Berber towns. 

” middle atlas Mountaine ” In order to enjoy the day trip from the beginning, we are going to start our morocco travel early in the morning. There are many things to do during the day, but first we will begin from Fez towards Berber towns. However, we have to come across various towns through the town of Bhalil, Immouzer, Sefrou town, Ifrane city between middle atlas mountaine of morocco hen going within beautiful firests of Cedar trees in Ifrane where the area is magnificent. There are many exotic butterflies to find in the natural reserve of the forest. They are really exciting and exclusive for Cedar forests region. After that, we will arrive in Berber towns where native Berbers live their traditional way of life in the heart of the mountains. You are going to see them and may be share mint tea with them. They are very friendly and welcoming so that you probably like their companion. day tour 

However, our next Travel is to the Nomadic tribes in Bhalil town where Berber caves exist. Inside the Barbarian tribe, we will visit a family in the tent where you will enjoy a different life style of living. There, you are going to know more about the Nomadic traditions, their values and morals. You will have information about their life, conditions, how they provide for living and what they usually do. This is a cultural living where you are introduced to a welcoming different culture. fday tour es , middle atlas mountaine , day trip  fes , middle atlas mountaine , day trip    fes , middle atlas mountaine , day trip 

After that, we will continue the way to Ifrane or ” the Garden City” as they refer to it because of its splendor. However, the word ”Ifrane” means ” the cave”, that is according to the Berber caves. Meanwhile, you will enjoy the beauty of nature through unforgettable moments that last forever in memory. Next, our guide will drive us to the following town, which is Azrou. The atmosphere in Azrou is tranquil where houses all have shining windows, painted doors and tiles. They are similar to a colorful painting more than mere houses for accommodation. They rise up souls and lift up energy. Then, a lovely lunch is prepared for you in the Berber traditional restaurant where everything talks about authenticity and tradition. You will enjoy the taste of the organic Berber food and then you may do shopping and buy some handicrafts from the local Berber town. Finally, our driver takes you back to the hotel where you come back to your home. Hope you enjoy the day trip from Fez to Middle Atlas and Berber Cave where views are brilliant and the scene is splendid.  fes , middle atlas mountaine , day trip  fes , middle atlas mountaine , day trip 

The price includes:

  • Pick up from your Riad /hotel airport.
  • Transport in comfortable A/C vehicle English/Spanish/French speaking guide/driver.
  • Fuel for the entire journey.
  • Drop off at your hotel at the end of the tour.


The price Not includes:

  • Lunches and drinks. day tour and best day tour , day tour 
  • Entry fees for museums, monuments and attractions. day tour and day tour  best of day tour 
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