Erg Chebbi Sandboard rental

Erg Chebbi Sandboard rental, Morocco Desert Sandboarding

Best Sandboarding in Merzouga is popular Erg Chebbi dunes activity.
Discover Merzouga sand dunes with sandboarding adventurous activity in sahara desert of Merzouga. Sandboarding is famous activity in Merzouga Sahara dunes that almost of the time is included in our camel trekking excursion for an overnight in desert. Rent a Sand bords and immerse yourself in the vastness of the Erg Chebbi, the highest and longest stretch unbroken sand dunes in Morocco.

The best sandboarding dunes in Merzouga Morocco :

Sandboarding – Sandsurfing desert Morocco : As there’s a snowboarding and waves surfing there’s also the sandboarding or sand surfing its one of the most nice experiences we offer for you
you can enjoy of the experience of the sandboarding and sandsurfing in desert Morocco , you can including the sendboarding in any tour of desert destinations .

Enjoy sandboarding in Morocco in one of the biggest sand dunes in north Africa you can practice your favorite sport and surf in the sand. We provide this adventure in almost all our desert Morocco tours. All you have to do, is when you will book a tour, tell us that you want to include sandboarding in your desert package.

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Sandboarding in Merzouga in Morocco

Sandboarding is one of those iconic desert experiences which remains with you forever. Morocco Merzouga Desert is largely a rock desert, however one area contains sweeping sand dunes and it is here that sandboarding allows you to glide down the dunes and experience the thrill of this amazing activity. Suitable for kids and adults, with toboggan-like boards available for kids, and proper sandboards for adults, this is a great experience for all ages.

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Sandboarding in the Merzouga Desert

Merzouga Sand boarding is wonderful way to discover the sand dunes of Merzouga desert. When booking your tour to Morocco ask as about the possibility to hire sand boards.

You can take the sand boards with you on the camels or in 4WD when you had into the desert. There once at your camp at one of the largest sand dune enjoy sliding down the mountain of sand on your board. It is challenging but fun at the same time.
The largest the sand dune the longer the ride down.

Why you’ll love this experience:

  •  Forget about large tourist groups, there won’t be other tourists around!
  •  Exclusive – nobody offers this tour as we do!
  •  You learn from the best – your instructor is a Peruvian Sandboarding champion!
  •  You can board down the dunes standing or sitting!

Sandboarding in Merzouga Morocco  is a very special and adrenaline-rich adventure sport. With this half-day tour, you will enjoy sandboarding in Merzouga and a tour in a professional off-road jeep through its dunes.

The most popular option to do sandboarding in Morocco is Merzouga , but as it is rather far from Marrakech this is the perfect alternative. Also, instead of being surrounded by large tourist groups you will feel like you own the entire desert as there is nobody around you. 3000 MhF8WVU7se

Sandboarding Excursion in Merzouga Desert Tour

Fasten your seatbelt as you enter the dunes because driving through them feels like a rollercoaster ride. With professional equipment (compared to cheap wooden board from Merzouga Erg Chabbi) and a sandboarding pro, you will learn how to board step by step: first on small dunes, then on big ones.

Info about Sandboarding in Merzouga Desert

  •  Duration: Optional
  •  Departure: Available all the day
  •  Starting Location: Hotel/Near dunes/Village/Camp…
  •  Ending Location: Back to departure point
  •  Price: Depand 
  •  Confirmation: Confirmation will be received at time of booking.

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