FAQ – Accomodtaion In Morocco

” accommodations  ” Every April and December are peak seasons for tourists to visit Morocco.  The tour price will be much higher than other months because of higher accommodation costs.  Most of good accommodations is likely sold out several weeks before.  As such, it is highly recommended to book your tour as early as possible if you plan to come during these periods.  If your schedule allows, it is recommended to avoid travelling during peak seasons so as to let you enjoy the best experience and avoid the crowds. 

Yes, all our tours are private.  So you can enjoy flexibility and stop whenever you want, enjoy the journey at your own time and at your own pace without haste or pressure to be coupled to a schedule or other groups.

Our price depends on number of persons in your group, as more as in the group, the price gets lower.

No, sometimes the tour price might even be higher for last minute booking which is made less than a week before the commencement of the tour.  We constantly received such inquiries few days before tour starts.  We do our best to accommodate the booking requests.  However, since our accommodations are well selected and constantly received good reviews from our clients, their rooms are sold out quickly.  So not to affect your experience, it is highly recommended to book your tour earlier and do not expect a lower price for last minute booking.

Yes, we can arrange your entire trip in Morocco and our tours can start in anytime of the day and any day of the week from any Moroccan cities or airports.  Itinerary can be tailored made to suit your needs.

We are flexible and all the tours can be modified to suit your specific needs and interests.  If you have a different route in mind, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will offer a tour tailored to your specific requirements.

Yes, if you wish, we can arrange your transportation only and you book your own accommodation.

The cancellation requests should be made in writing to the Company.  If any cancellation is received in 14 days or more prior to tour commencement, refund of deposit will be made via PayPal.  If any cancellation is received in 13 days or less prior to tour commencement, no refund will be made.

With luxury chains, camping, riads, bed and breakfasts, cottages, hostels and even bivouacs, you will be treated to unique experiences! accommodations in morocco

Spend a night in a bivouac — a tentin the middle of the desert – tounplug completely. Let yourself be swayed by the timeless ambiance of the desert and wake up to the world’s most beautiful sunrise fora unique experience that you won’t soon forget!

Or stay in a riad, a traditional house in a historic district punctuated by a patio in the middle of a column of light. Your stay is guaranteed to feel authentic. accommodations in morocco

Exploring a country also means getting to know the locals and experiencing their everyday lives at home.

Choose a cottage or hostel to have a sightseeing experience full of direct contact with the native population.

Or why not go camping? It is the preferred way to stay for surfers working up the coast. Camping in the mild Moroccan climate promotes team spirit and human contact.

Finally, if you are hoping for a premium trip, sleep in the best international or local luxury brands for hotels that have built a long-standing reputation!