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The Top 11 Things To Do In Casablanca Morocco Highlight: 


You might expect there is a lot to see and do in Casablanca. It’s the largest city in Morocco made famous by the Hollywood film of the same name, but you would be wrong! The “white city” is worth visiting, but you can see most of the main attractions in a single day. It is a modern city that is sophisticated and a comfortable introduction to the country.

This city on the Atlantic Ocean is home to one of the largest mosques in the world, the Hassan II Mosque. It is one of the few in the country that offers tours that provide visitors a glimpse of what it is like inside a mosque. Rick’s Cafe is nearby, a lovely restaurant paying homage to the one in the classic film, “Casablanca.” The old and new medinas are worth visiting to try your hand at Moroccan bargaining.

Hassan II Mosque

Beautiful Mosques, Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. things to do in Casablanca

Constructed in the 1990s, the Hassan II Mosque is one of the most famous buildings in Casablanca. It was built to commemorate the 60th birthday of the previous king of Morocco and is also among the largest in the world. Located along the coast, this beautiful building is one of the few mosques open to non-Muslims, so you can admire the vibrant tiles, splendid interiors, and even the on-site hammam.

The Cornich

Corniche Casa -


Located near the mosque is the wonderful beachfront district of La Corniche. The corniche is the pier, the maritime promenade which is in the district of Ain Diab. It is a bit far from the center, you have to walk an hour to get there, but the sea side can be a nice excursion. The Corniche d’Ain Diab is a place full of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In the evening luxury cars abound, with the richest young people in the country looking for leisure. Several private clubs with seawater pools, are available throughout the day. The Corniche is quiet until 9 pm in the evening.

Old Medina

Old Medina of Casablanca


The Old Medina is also called Old Town or Ancienne Medina. This is a labyrinth of narrow streets decorated with tall, dusty buildings where locals bustle about and traditional knickknacks and curiosities can be purchased.. Though much of the 19th-century medina is now a residential area, you can still explore the charming streets and look for the small shops, and unique sights hidden in the medina. Don’t miss the Berber Mosque and the Bab Marrakesh gateway with its clock tower.

Museum of Moroccan Judaism

things to do in Casablanca Jewish museum

The Museum of Moroccan Judaism is the only Jewish museum in the entire Arab world. It is dedicated to the history, religion, traditions and daily lives of the once large Jewish population in Morocco. Created and managed by the Fondation du Patrimoine Culturel Judeo-Marocain.The Museum of Moroccan Judaism was opened in 1997. It is considered the first museum in the city of Casablanca, and the only Jewish museum in the Arab region. The museum has numerous exhibits including paintings, ornaments, clothing etc., as well as complete displays of Moroccan synagogues. It presents an interesting look at Jewish heritage and the history of Moroccan society and civilization. You can also explore Casablanca’s Jewish Cemetery to understand the city’s Jewish past.

Parc de la Ligue Arabe

Parc de la Ligue Arab Casablanca morocco

The Arab League Park (Arabic: حديقة جامعة الدول العربية‎) is an urban park in CasablancaMorocco. It is located in the center of the city, west of Hassan II Boulevard, east of Roudani Boulevard and Algiers Street, and south east of the Church of the Sacred Heart. The park covers 30 acres of land, and is bisected by Moulay Youssef Boulevard. As of 2019, it remains officially closed to the public after renovations started March 2016, though it was expected to open September 2018.

Sacre Coeur Cathedral

Sacre Coeur Cathedral Casablanca

Although the Cathédrale de Sacré Coeur has now been abandoned, this stunning white former Catholic church is still quite impressive. The entrance is flanked by two towers, topped with domed bell chambers. It was built in the 1930s and used until the 1950s. This cathedral has a refreshing design that features many traditional Moroccan styles. In the past it was used as a school and then a culture center. Now however, whilst the exterior holds its visual appeal, the interior has succumbed to entropy.

Villa des Arts

Villa des arts Casablanca

The concept of the Villa des Arts was born to be translated into reality by the emergence of a space for the discovery and promotion of contemporary arts, without however the reference to Moroccan culture and heritage being outdone. The Villa des arts de Casablanca was built in 1934 – Art Deco – Since its acquisition, it has housed cultural activities by the ONA Foundation. It promotes contemporary Moroccan art and culture with work by both local and international artists. The museum houses around 800 permanent works, and also has regular events and exhibitions.

The King’s Palace

Royal Palace of Casablanca

The King’s Palace in Casablanca is one of many official royal residences across the country, and it is just as grand as the rest. Its detailed architecture, opulent displays, and ornate gates are protected by a host of guards. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed inside the palace itself. However, it’s worth it just to make a short stop and admire the outside.

La Scala

La Sqala - Casablanca, Morocco
via Flickr

The Scala (or Sqala) is the remains of the 18th-century Portuguese-style fortress that overlooks the sea. Many sections of the outer walls have been recently painted a bright yellow, but you can still see what it once looked like. The walls are still fitted with cannons, and the ramparts offer excellent views of the sea.

Morocco Mall

Morocco Mall, casablanca, morocco

Located at one end of La Corniche is the Morocco Mall, one of the biggest modern shopping centres in Africa. Though it is filled with an extensive range of shops, cafés, and restaurants, traditional shopping is best left to the medina. However, there is also a range of attractions inside the mall itself, such as an indoor ice skating rink, a fairground, a fountain display, and even an aquarium. The Morocco Mall truly has something for everyone.

Place Mohammed V

casablanca place mohammed v

The Place Mohammed V is the main square of Casablanca and is surrounded by beautiful buildings and trees. It is also the administrative heart of the city, and here you can see the Wilaya administrative building; the Grande Poste, the city’s main post office; and the beautiful Mahkama du Pacha courthouse, among others. However, like the Royal Palace, you cannot enter many of these buildings.

Of course, there are lots of other things to do in Casablanca, though visitors shouldn’t expect to see many places from the iconic film, which was shot in Holywood. If we’ve missed any places to visit in Casablanca, be sure to share them in the comments belo .The Old Medina is also called Old Town or Ancienne Medina. This is a labyrinth of narrow streets decorated with tall, dusty buildings where locals bustle about and traditional knickknacks and curiosities can be purchased.



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