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Morocco Camel Trekking – Tips & Information for the best way to Explore the Sahara desert!

Morocco Camel Trekking – Tips & Information for the best way to Explore the Sahara desert!

Explore the vast Sahara desert dunes on a Morocco Camel Trekking and spend the night in a desert camp under a starry sky during your Sahara camel tours.

Morocco Camel trekking tours and Sahara desert trips are one of the life dreams that anyone would like to do once he or she gets to Sahara desert.

the Sahara desert trips in Morocco is not 100% complete without enjoying a Morocco camel trekking tours in the Erg-Chebbi Merzouga dunes. this is the opportunity to feel like a nomad for a few moments.

The Morocco camel trekking is extremely safe and easy to do and is accessible to people of all ages. World Morocco Tours team will always be with you on the trek towards an oasis in the Dunes of Erg Chebbi.

As an alternative to this longer trip in dromedary, we also offer shorter camel tours to appreciate the sunrise or the sunset in the dunes.

The Erg-Chebbi sand dunes are one of the most popular places to visit in the world, The high sand dunes are beautiful hills and mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. Merzouga Camel riding is certainly the ideal way to spend time exploring the dunes of the Sahara desert.

What is Camel Trekking in the Sahara desert?

Morocco camel trekking is an adventure, which takes you through the golden sands of the Erg-Chebbi Desert providing the glimpse of the desert lifestyle through remote villages. The special cultural performances on the sand dunes, the Merzouga camps set up for the travellers, the traditional Berber meals and the night beside the campfire with friendly people, all together make Camel Trekking on of the special adventure tour in Morocco.

For the full experience, come with us to the Great Dune and sleep under the stars in a Sahara Nomadic Desert Camp Or in a Luxury desert camp.

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How to Join the Camel Trekking in the Sahara?

As we confirmed above that’s our Morocco Camel trekking starts at Merzouga desert, so there are many ways to join us for this amazing Overnight trip.

You can drive your own car from Marrakech, Fes or Anywhere in Morocco to Merzouga desert to join our camel excursion, or you can book one of our Sahara Desert Trips Package with a departure from Marrakech, Fes, Tangier and Casablanca.

Please book in advance If you want to get to Merzouga desert by your rental car or Public transport.

Overnight Camel trek Merzouga 40 EUROS

This overnight Excursion begins in the evening, we organize the camel riding for the night in the desert camp from Merzouga, Our Camel tour guide we’ll be waiting for you to take for an adventure into the desert for 1H camel riding, We will spend the night in an equipped camp.

Camel ride & Two nights in the Desert 80 EUROS

In the morning of our Morocco camel trekking after the breakfast in the camp, we will ride the camels to visit and lunch with nomad peoples, after relax and lunch with the nomad peoples we will ride the camels backing to the camp when we reach the camp, we leave the camels and we will take the sand broad …

Short Excursion by Camel to watch Sunrise in the desert:

The Sunrise camel excursion starts early and takes 40 minutes to reach the highest dune of Merzouga. This Excursion included a camel each and tour guide.

Camel trip to see the Sunset in the Desert by camel:

The Sunset camel trip begins around 5:30 pm. It takes almost half an hour to reach a high dune in the desert. For those who want to see a panoramic view they must climb to the top, it will take them another 10 minutes walking. If you prefer not to hike up the highest dunes, the area around the camel “parking” is perfect to watch the sunset.

What to Pack for a Night in the desert with Camel Trekking?

Check the list of what you can take on a Small bag or Backpack and back for what you’ll need for Morocco camel trekking & the night in the desert.

  1. Water for the way to the camp by camel.
  2. A warm clothes or Jacket for the cooler nights and mornings especially if you visiting between October and March.
  3. Comfortable pants or jeans while riding the camel.
  4. A headscarf to block the sun and dust.
  5. long sleeved shirt for sun protection.
  6. Your Camera
Most popular desert tours pacakges that’s included camel trek:


If you want to join Morocco Camel Trekking by bus from Marrakech or Fes: We will meet you at Merzouga bus station and then pick up you there.

BUS TIME information:

From Fes: There is a daily bus from Fes to Merzouga, leave Fes at 20:00 “Nighttime” and arrive in Merzouga at 06:00 in the morning, the Bus called “SUPRATOURS” and cost 20€

From Marrakech: There is a daily day bus leave Marrakech at 08:00 in the morning and arrive at Merzouga at 20:00 “Nighttime” the bus called (SUPRATOURS) and cost 25€.

For more information about Supratours: