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ProTip #1: If you want a free exhibit hall pass for Macworld Expo , be one of the first people to click here. UPDATE: They’re all gone. I’ve been looking at the apps in my productivity stack, of which Things is central, and also Things’ competitors. My observation is that Things.

Things 3 Review: Is This To-Do List App Really Worth It?.


QuickBooks Online Xero vs. Project Management Things. However, any affiliate earnings do not affect how we review services. Visit Things. Visit monday. Visit nTask nTask Review nTask. Visit Asana Asana Review Asana. Visit Wrike Wrike Review Wrike. Visit Basecamp Basecamp Review Basecamp. Visit Things Things Review Things. James Konik. Facts checked. Contact support for pricing. Kanban board. Spreadsheet view. Gantt charts.

Workload planning. Long-term planning. Multiple project management. Dependency management. Native scrum management. And rest assured that 1. But there is even more going on behind the scenes. While cranking out updates is probably quite an appropriate thing to do for a software company, it is sometimes even better to spend some time on accelerating the development speed.

It is still a bit early to go into the details, suffice it to say for the moment, that we were able to attract some quite impressive software engineering talent and experience. Stay tuned for more updates on this front. That being said, we would like to close this post with some pictures from Macworld Expo The expo was a huge success for us. Our booth was surrounded by large crowds of people all day long.

It was so good to finally meet at least some of you. One of the highlights was certainly winning the Macworld Best of Show award. The following pictures might not be a completely accurate depiction of reality :. But they certainly tell something about how huge the event felt to us. For those of you making the journey to the Moscone Center in San Francisco come January, we invite you to stop by our kiosk located in the Mac Developer Pavilion booth That’s right, Cultured Code will be exhibiting at Macworld Expo !

After you’re done checking out whatever coolness Apple releases at Macworld, stop by and say hello. Christian, Werner, and I will be on hand to give you a demo and chat about Things.

For us, what’s so exciting about Macworld is that it represents the first major milestone for Things desktop. In case you missed the announcement , Things 1. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be hard at work finishing up the final features for the 1. We’ll also be working on some really cool accompanying details, including screencasts and a really cool print ad. ProTip 1: If you want a free exhibit hall pass for Macworld Expo , be one of the first people to click here.

If you want to give your eyes a rest, you can switch Things from its light color scheme to a dark one. It keeps things simple with just one view. If you like the simple approach but prefer to arrange your tasks on a kanban board, check out our Trello review. Things is easy to download and run. You just download the app and open it. The first time you use Things, it welcomes you with a brief tour of its features and offers to create an introductory project for you.

The introductory project has several lists of tasks to work through. The first takes you around the basics of the application and the others show you more advanced, optional features. Like most task management applications, the basics are basic and the extras are more advanced, but Things is a no-frills tool. The controls are on the small side. Everything works well, but there were occasionally issues. The calendar failed to appear at one point while following the tutorial, for example.

Things takes the old-fashioned approach to software ownership. You pay a one-time fee to own the app outright. The iOS versions are much better value. The only way they can access your data is if they get access to your machine. To learn more about how people can access your information, read our article on Edward Snowden and government surveillance. If you use the Things cloud to share data between devices, it uses encryption such as Transport Layer Security TLS for data in transit and at rest.

Read our description of encryption for more on that. To learn what you can do to manage your privacy, read our online privacy guide. It is quite hard to get stuck in Things, but if you manage it, plenty of support is offered. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Things 3 Review: Is This To-Do List App Really Worth It?

Cultured Code drop the user forum after a while. I was starting to convince myself that it was the end of Things. Check out our 15 day free trial of Things for Mac. The design team at Cultured Code have worked their magic all over the app, and every individual bit. Things is an easy to use project management app that would be happy to live on Simple; Free cloud services; Apple Design Award winner.


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Your to-dos on all your devices. Turning it on is as easy as flicking a switch in the settings and creating a free account. No buttons to fiddle with. No settings to configure. Nothing at all to worry about. Just turn it on and let Things Cloud do everything for you. Achieving this meant not only creating a speedy sync engine in the cloud, but also finely tuning each of the apps to process changes from it quickly. The result is a nimble service that makes light work of complex processes.

For example, when you move completed items to your Logbook, only a single piece of information needs to be sent through the cloud to your other devices: the current time. We poured our heart and soul into developing Things Cloud, to create the most robust and reliable system we could conceive. And it shows. Consistently praised for its incredible speed and unfailing performance, the sync you get with Things is top notch. Did we mention that Things Cloud is simple?

Every time you change any of your to-dos, Things automatically triggers an update with Things Cloud. This is because Things Cloud comes with state of the art Push Sync technology that makes your cross-device experience feel magical. And, dare we say: it just works. With Things Cloud, all your network traffic is securely encrypted using the latest SSL technology, ensuring that everything you do is for your eyes only. Support Help Contact Getting Productive.

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