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Dell Touchpad Assistant for Windows 10 PC Free Download – Best Windows 10 Apps.


It will Update all of your drivers in just a few clicks, and even backup your drivers before making any changes. Once you download and run the utility, it will scan for out-of-date or missing drivers:. When the scan is complete, the driver update utility will display a results page showing which drivers are missing or out-of-date:. Many computer problems are caused by missing or outdated device drivers, especially in Windows If your desktop or laptop is running slow, or keeps crashing or hanging, there is a good chance that updating your drivers will fix the problem.

Unlocks new features and configuration options in your devices, especially with video cards and gaming devices. DriverGuide uses cookies to make our website easier to use. Learn more about cookies. Find All Dell Touchpad Drivers. Select the Driver tab. Click the Update Driver button and follow the instructions. Once you download and run the utility, it will scan for out-of-date or missing drivers: When the scan is complete, the driver update utility will display a results page showing which drivers are missing or out-of-date: Next, update individual drivers or all of the necessary drivers with one click.

Benefits of Updated Drivers Many computer problems are caused by missing or outdated device drivers, especially in Windows Camilla Mo Last Updated: 1 year ago.

If the touchpad of your Dell laptop does not work correctly due to faulty drivers, updating drivers can fix the problem. Driver status can be checked in Device Manager. There are 3 ways you can use to update the driver in Windows 7.

Note it is very important to download and install the right driver, as faulty driver may cause problems. Open Device Manager. Expand categories and locate the touchpad device. Right-click on the device and select Update Driver Software… 4.

Select Search automatically for updated driver software. Can’t be installed out of the box, but with the device manager procedure above it finally worked with Windows 10 Thank you for the hint…. Thanks for reporting your findings.

I’ve added it to the list. I expect it will be similar for the Vostro also. This worked great for me! I have a Dell Inspiron with Windows 10 installed. I recently lost touch scroll capabilities, so I installed the latest Synaptics driver, and my touch pad works fine now.

Thanks so much for this guide. Manually updating the driver to the Synaptics What is the model of Dell and the operating system. If its not showing at all? Does it work in the BIOS setup? It seems much better than the previous drivers, so well worth updating. Thanks was wondering how the Touchpad fared with that model with Windows I only used that system for a little while near the release of Windows 8.

This device cannot start. Code 10 The specified request is not a valid operation for the target device. Right click it and select uninstall it in the Device Manager… You can double click the. If the driver still doesn’t work try the earlier versions next latest version of the Synaptics Touchpad. Biren this is one of the things which needs to be tested specifically for each model… If your Touchpad works well and shows as Dell Touchpad in the Device manager then you definitely have the correct driver and since both are the same version its likely the same driver.

The main issue is that many Dell drivers weren’t installing correctly which is why I instructed to force install the driver which works in most cases. Windows 10 Update sometimes automatically installs drivers in the background… its possible that it installed the Touchpad driver by itself. At the moment there is no point in performing a clean install again… Installing some drivers twice won’t influence the performance much. Just get it up and running so everything works. Then use it as is for a couple of weeks….

On the 2nd of August Windows 10 RS1 will be out so that would be a far better convenient time to clean install with up to date installation media.

Thanks for this excellent site. Re-purposed work laptop, from , I think it came with Win7. I upgraded to Win The Win 10 installation picked 8. Jerky movement, freezes then big jumps, etc. I tried several drivers, 8. The solution for the Dell Latitude E was 8.

Every time i was installing a new driver, i ensured that the previous one was uninstalled fully and perfectly, bringing back the PS2 driver version of , as included in windows 10 originally. Many thanks. I followed your article and installed Synaptics Touchpad driver Thanks again. Great, strange that it only didn’t work before in the Edge Browser… Thanks for confirming that this version works best for you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Silly thing that costs so much time… Dell Vostro v with Synaptics on board. Tried many options but Got two finger scroll back! Weird thing is, this scroll does not work in OS windows like mouse options.

Other program windows browsers, notepad scroll correctly. Installed as Dell Touchpad, not as a Synaptics device, so in mouse options there is Dell Touchpad tab opening Dell Touchpad options, not the Synaptics one.

Thank you so much…the instructions were very organised.. I m happy Thanx a lot. I really dont know What to do anymore. I have a Inspiron n which is Alps and I’ve tried nearly all the drivers. I have stop using it for a while for it to work again. Restarting it doesnt work either. It sounds more like a hardware fault.

Yeah I’ve done it. I dont know if thats the problem… I’ll try again. I noticed it stops working when I’m using the computer for a long time and its hot, but I’m completely convinced if its actually hardware because this didint happen before windows Dell Vostro v Generic Synaptics Touchpad — I have a Dell LX laptop and, as recommended above, Synaptics driver version You can leave feedback to Microsoft in their Windows Feedback App. Anyone find a driver to work with 64 bit Windows 10 and the Synaptics Touchpad for m dell xps.

I tried those drivers and it made the mouse functions glitchy and clicking didn’t work correctly and still no scrolling functions.

Lx Windows 10 x64 here. Multitouch does not work on 2. Left click and right click work on 3. I have Dell Inspiron N Laptop. Dell has not tasted this for Windows 10, however, I installed and this has been updated further by the Anniversary update. On this laptop Scroll function of the Synaptics TouchPad does not work in Edge browser or any of the Apps available on the windows store.

Earlier I had installed driver This enabled its functionality in Edge browser as well as all the apps. However, the touchpad function was not stable. A single click will result into multiple pages opening and therefore, I reinstalled the original Driver i. I wonder why the scroll function is not working in Edge browser and related applications. Can you be able to collect all the Dell Touchpad Firmware as well?

I have no way to find the newest firmware for XPS 13 Right now, Im having problem with my touchpad, the firmware I have poorly chosen to flash was not compatible with this touchpad. Its dead and unusable at present, no matter what drivers I tried to install. Also, under device manager or control panel—mouse, it was not shown on both of them.

If you have access to the newest firmware, please let me know. Great thanks in advance! This is drivers only, I’ve no intent to list firmware as it should be system specific and if its not it could brick touchpads its not intended for like I guess you discovered.

I don’t have newer firmware than Dell list and Dell don’t list any touchpad firmware for this model. Inspiron running on Win10Pro bit. Alps 8. Cypress Touchpad 2. I have not been able to find a touchpad driver for Dell N The driver installed is Synaptics Scroll function does not work in Edge browser and Windows 10 apps. I have upgraded to Anniversary update also. Scroll works in IE The ‘newest Alps driver’ link embedded in the text links to the same non-Alps file, too.

Cypress Touchpad — 2. Please let me know if you test on the XPS 13 Lx. Early results on the Lx are looking good! I have multitouch, pinch zoom, etc… and the trackpad seems more responsive. Interesting I had an earlier comment saying it didn’t work.

Let me know how if it still works well after some extended use. Can confirm that Alps vers 8. Has returned touchpad scroll functionality. Thank you for your Guide, it works great. I had issues with my Touchpad, sometimes it generates additional characters in the applications or just does not work for a few seconds after changing a window. So far it seems to work without any problems, my Hardware for Reference and the Alps driver I downloaded:.

Only today windows update services automatically updated the old Driver with a new one release no. This installation has solved the scroll function of the Touch Pad. I was facing this difficulty since I upgraded to Windows Earlier scroll function was not working in Edge Browser and any of the the apps offered by Windows 10 although it was working in Opera, Chrome, and also IE Thanks to Synaptics and Windows Autoupdate system for addressing the problem of so many N laptop users.

Thanks for writing to let me know that Windows Update is getting on board with the touchpads. I assume you are using the version build RS2 of Windows That is RS1. RS2 is out, you can use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to perform the in place upgrade however it should be rolled out via Windows Update soon. Inspiron Synaptic v Default settings are horrid though. Disable the palm detection before anything else. I’m successfully using multi-touch gestures 2 and 3 finger gestures , and also edge detection.

I’ve no plan at present, to upgrade it to Windows 10, but if I do — I’ll try to remember to report back here. Philip, I just want to say first of all, a big Thank You for the incredible amount of time and expertise you have put into this website. It has been a big help to me. I’m wondering if you, or anyone else reading this happens to know what make of touchpad was put into the Inspiron ?

Problem Solved! I read your instructions more carefully, got the original Dell driver, extracted it, and found out that it’s a Synaptics touchpad. Thanks again for all your good work. Newer Synaptic versions may also work. Hi Philip, I am running Windows 10 bit on the Inspiron I had tried some of the newer Synaptics drivers and couldn’t get any of them to install.

After reading your reply, I tried the Synaptics So thanks again, you are the best! Philip, I have a Dell Inspiron N The update driver Synaptics I attempted to use the latest Synaptics Touchpad driver I cannot see where to find the 64 bit information in the folder files. I am having the same problem finding the 64 bit information in the Synaptics driver files I need this to add to the address of the download location.

Can you provide help in locating this information? I tried the Synaptics — I ended up using the Dell The first two Synaptics drivers caused a complete loss of the Touchpad. Otherwise, I would have had to do a hard reboot. The Generic Synaptics and the Dell Unfortunately, I cannot remember or find how I came up with the Dell I’ll keep looking. It came off the Dell ftp site. I saved all the links but there are over 50 of them.

I would have never figured this out on my own. Thank you for this information! I have a Dell Adamo 13 with W10 Home version 64 bit. I tried synaptics ver. I then installed ver. Much appreciated. Thank you for the post! I hava a Dell Latitude u, which originally came with Windows 7 Pro.

When updating to Windows 10 the touchpad started to bad functioning: Driver I’ve tried the first 17 Alps drivers listed above with the following results: 8. It seems a little strange even the basic Windows inbuilt driver should give base functionality. I think you might have some hardware fault opposed to an OS fault.

It may be worth trying to reseat the touchpad to the motherboard. Hi Philip, thank you for you reply. Once again, the good Doctor has provided me with the cure after Dell’s customary failure to do so. It seemed as if I had no choice but to permit the download of software I already have after it became clear it was the only way either of us was going to get what we wanted. The resulting scan, I was told, “…might take a few moments.

The British rationale would commonly interpret it as, ‘I’ll put the kettle on! If I had to put up with the cursor moving when my palm brushes the touchpad when I type, for much longer, I would have done something regrettable, to me most likely, to someone, anyway, I’m sure…….

These guides are just what the Doctor ordered, you might say?!? Thanks for the wonderful website! After a windows 10 update, my touchpad driver got rolled back, and I had to scramble to find something functional again.

Luckily, with your site, I was able to locate a functional driver. I have a laptop that isn’t listed above, so I’d like to share my experience:. Thanks for this wonderful page. I have an Inspiron on Windows 10 bit and unfortunately the Synaptics Dell 11z — tried with both 32bit Anniv and Creat: It has an Elan SmartPad which is a pretty appalling thing but we are where we are. Basically none of the Dell offerings worked properly or at all in some cases — the Dell “utilities” are also pretty bad — but there is what is more or less an Elan generic driver i.

Worked fine by manual install update of the driver and I can configure the Elan Smartpad to do what I wanted which is what I have been doing under XP. This driver has the familiar Elan tab in settings from which all things can be adjusted — never found a way of doing this with any of the Dell utilities.

Philip, please note that it is the 32bit I have tested not the 64bit although I think this should work fine. I want to say everything did not seem to function, generally a word far too often used in every life situation, suggesting all, excluding nothing, is the problem. You can pick the category that everything can apply to. I never lost hope that I would find some resolve. In a google search I was fortunate to find your web page. Although I have to say I was skeptical to start off with.

This driver I have been struggling with is from Synaptics main web page. Synaptics Touchpad — V Followed your instructions, now have very smooth functionality. Finally a step forward. Thanks to you, Dr Philip Yip, I have the resources you have painstakingly put together, which I hope will allow me to take leaps and bounds.

I have been using Windows 10 64bit on my Inspiron N for almost a year. About a month ago the cursor began creeping back to the top after it was scrolled down. I presume that the touchpad driver has been changed. I tried reinstalling various Synaptics touchpad drivers without success in solving this creeping problem.

If anyone has this laptop and is not experiencing a scrolling issue, could they notify me what Synaptics touchpad driver is installed on their maching? XPS Lx — Windows 7. I will continue till I find best fit for me. I tested It for my vostro and it worked realy well.

I’m greatly thankful. It was a relief. The version I tested was Alps 7. I would of thought they versions would have worked. I have updated the guide. I tried many other reviews to solve the problem with touchpad. All this dosn’t work. I tried first with version It dosn’t work. With Thank you Philip! Drivers versions Versions 8. Version 7. Now I installed version 7. If this line found, then this driver compatible with device. I would have expected 8. This is not a problem, but sometimes it’s convenient to see the scrolling mode for example, normal scrolling or circular.

The reason for using Windows 10 version is simple — I use it because this version works without any problems. And for my laptop there has not been an automatic update to version in the Windows Update Center yet. And I do not want to reinstall fine work OS without a reason. I did not find anything better in version than the version , which is installed on my PC. Inspiron aka Inspiron 11 series Windows 10 64 bit. Alps calls multi-touch their “glidepoint” technology, which they developed in order to be certified for Windows 8.

Therefore, none of the version 8 or version 10 Alps drivers work correctly on any of the Exx00 laptops, nor any of the D, C, X, l, or CS series laptops. The only Latitude laptops with multi-touch came after — Exxyy with yy greater than The driver recommended by Dell for the E is the latest version 7 driver, v.

However, if tap-to-click while typing is an issue, I recommend the driver, v. This leaves cursor movements enabled while typing, but turns tap-to-click OFF after typing, until you do a regular button click. Also recommend you leave Touch Sensitivity right in the middle. Too high, and IM won’t work, too low, and you can get random, unintended taps when the laptop warms up under heavy load. Thx for the resource. I have a Dell Inspiron with W10 Pro version 64 bit. Install Alps TouchPad — 8.

I believe I have the best possible use of the touchpad on my ooold, old Inspiron with Windows 7 32 bit, and I believe others can do the same with 64 bit, including up to Windows I have the two finger scroll, three finger press to open any program of my choice, and customized edge motion and scrolling with pressure control.

I’m not sure the three finger flick works, but I might be missing something. I tried a dozen different drivers on your list above, but could only achieve this with two unlisted drivers. The earlier driver, ver. It has an excellent GUI to customize that feature. Then I installed the generic driver from Synaptics site — ver. Lataustyyppi Sovellukset. Tiedoston koko: Alusta kuvaus:.

Latitude Latitude 2-in Precision


Get Dell Touchpad Settings – Microsoft Store en-IN.Dell Touchpad Driver Update for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP | DriverGuide

EXE Loading I tried a dozen different drivers on your list above, but could only achieve this with two unlisted drivers. Tried the precision Alps 8. Philip, I just want to say first of all, a big Thank You for the incredible amount of time and expertise you have put into this website.

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