Can i use microsoft teams for an interview. How to Use Microsoft Teams for Conducting Effective Interviews

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Performing Qualitive Interviews Using Microsoft Teams.

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Video interviews are no less formal than regular face-to-face interviews. Then delete the file from the Downloads folder.

7 tips for video call interview success on Microsoft Teams – Taylor Hopkinson – Collaboration Governance


You may have to enter your sgul username and password. To use the transcription tool in the interview you must schedule a meeting first using the Teams calendar. When you agree the meeting time with the participant you can schedule the meeting using your sgul email address ahead of the meeting and retrieve the link to send before the meeting is begins. Or you can schedule the meeting before the meeting date and email the link to the participant just before the agreed meeting time.

Microsoft Teams facilitates group work so you can hold discussions with group members from anywhere on any device for meetings, brainstorming and collaboration. Enter your St. It will allow you to save the meeting. You will be taken to a web page and you may have to enter your St. You will be taken to the meeting room and wait until the participant asked to be admitted from the lobby.

Note : When the participant clicks the URL, it will take them to the lobby they will wait there until you allow them into the meeting.

When the participant enters the meeting, they will appear on the right in the Participants pane. Select Start transcriptions from the menu. This will let you know and the participant that transcription has started. You can stop and start the transcription recording during the meeting. If you want to close the transcription pane.

Click on the X at the top right of the Transcript pane to close. To Stop Transcriptionrecording. Click on More Actions … on the Meeting control. Select Stop transcriptions from the menu. You and the participant will be notified that transcription has stopped. On the meeting controls, click on the arrow next to Leave , click End meeting , then End. Click on Chat on the Navigation bar.

The meeting attendance and transcript will appear in the pane. Giving an Attendance report and Meeting Transcript. Go to your Downloads folder and move the Transcription to secure storage.

Then delete the file from the Downloads folder. When you are satisfied with your transcript you can delete the meeting from your calendar. This will also delete the transcript and attendance lists. They will still appear in the chat area but access to the transcript and attendance lists will no longer be available.

In the Meeting details screen, click Cancel Meeting top left. The steps below provide information on using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stream to record and transcribe research interviews. The recordings are stored on Microsoft Stream which is part of Office provided by St. All meetings that are recorded are automatically transcribed in Microsoft Stream. T he recording and transcript, can be downloaded from Stream to secure storage. Click Teams on the Navigation bar. If you have been added to a Team you will see them in this window.

Click the Join or create a team button at the bottom left or top right of the screen. Click Create a team button. Choose the Other team type to create your team. In the Create your team window. Enter a name for your team, for example Interview 1, then click the Next button. Note: Leave the Privacy option set to Private – Only team members can add members. Refer to Add Students. Add students by typing their name or SGUL email address, a dropdown list of names matching your spelling will appear.

Select the name from the list or enter the full email address. Click the Add button to add them to the team. Leave them as Members. To add students, click on the ellipses You add students by typing their name or sgul email address.

A list of people will appear. By following some key guidelines for success, you can have confidence that your Microsoft Teams interviews will be just as successful as in-person interviews. To schedule an interview in Teams, go to the calendar button on the left side of the app.

This will open up the scheduler, where you can fill out meeting details and add people to the meeting. You can also schedule a Teams interview through Outlook. Anyone who receives your invitation can join the interview by clicking on the meeting link. Those within your company can also open the meeting through the Teams app, while your interviewee would use the browser version. By adequately preparing both yourself and the interviewee for a successful virtual job interview, you can help everything go smoothly.

Ideally, your candidate will have a laptop or smart phone with a quality webcam as well as a strong internet connection. Headphones can also help you and the interviewee to reduce echo and background noise. When you send a calendar invite for a Microsoft Teams interview, explain what technology they will need for the interview, as well as how long the call will take, who else will be on the call, and any other necessary details.

Remember that they may not be familiar with Microsoft Teams, so let them know that they just need to click on the link to access the meeting! Most recruitment processes these days require the candidates to complete a case study, prepare an analysis, a presentation, or other types of tasks that would show their competence. This is where the screen sharing feature in Microsoft Teams comes in handy. After completing the assigned task, candidates can share their screen and present the work done in an interactive way.

Like this, they can highlight the most important things and allow the interviewer to easily follow their presentation. Similarly, by sharing your own screen, you can explain an assignment to the candidate or present them with any other information.

To share your screen, simply click on Share on top right once you start the meeting. Then, you can choose between different presenter modes and what exact content you wish to share — all your screen or just specific windows. You may want to keep some notes during the interview. For example, you can give details about the case study the interviewee will need to work on, share some links with them, or other information.

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Conducting interviews in Microsoft Teams – Microsoft for Journalists – Collaboration Templates

You may want to keep some notes during the interview. You add students by typing their name or sgul email address. Remember that they may not be familiar with Microsoft Teams, so let them know that they just need to click on the link to access the meeting! The Teams app will open. Leave them as Members. Note: Leave the Privacy option set to Private – Only team members can add members.


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